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Coconino Electric has 37 years of exceptional electrical experience. We have unsurpassed experience in troubleshooting of all types of electrical issues.

Expert repairs. Troubleshooting. Service changes. Snow and ice heat tape installations.
Reliable, credible, experienced, convenience, affordable.

Licensed Bonded and Insured. K-11 252762

Brad started out helping his father in the general construction field at a young age. This is where he developed his love for the electrical end of the business.

From there Brad went on to attend 1 year of Electrical engineering with ITT. This is where he learned advanced electrical troubleshooting, how to approach various electrical projects and how to properly lay them out in a timely manor. But the most important lesson he’s learned along the way is; performing your electrical work right the first time it’s definitely the key to acquiring many satisfied customers. This is Brad’s mantra!

They are family owned and operated, and they are local. They’ve wired thousands of homes, condos, apartment buildings, businesses, commercial and industrial applications as well.

They have performed electrical work for quite a few businesses, some you may already know, they include:

IRS, Social Security, BATF, Drug Enforcement Agency U.S.Customs and Border Patrol, FBI, US Attorney General, San Diego National Bank, MTV, VH1, Pepsi, Papa John’s Pizza, Budweiser, Coor’s, Various Farms/Ranches, Various Water/Sewer & Power Companies, and many Motels & Hotels.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please call
(928) 774-6000