"Best electricians I've ever used....... !" Garth Brooks

clients & projects


A few of our team's clients include:

Garth Brooks

"Best electricians I've ever used, thanks for making my show a success!"


"Thank you for keeping our equipment &

lights on at show time, it was Flawless."   

Robert Wyland 

 "Fantastic job of Lighting My Mural!"     

Various Projects:

Electrician for Michael Crichton's: "The Andromeda Strain" ( 1971 ) 


MTV Movie Awards, Universal Studios, CA

MTV Woodie Awards, Austin, TX

VH1 Super Bowl XLII Event, Glendale, AZ


Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA
Air Station Miramar, CA
Naval Air Facility, Seeley, CA


US Border Patrol

US Marshalls Office

Federal Magistrate

Public Utility:
Redhill Hill Geothermal, Salton Sea, CA
Unocal Geothermal, Salton Sea, CA

San Diego Migration

Our team donated their time, design, and installation for the night lighting for Robert Wyland's Masterpiece, "San Diego Migration #64" which he painted in just two days.

Our team partnered with Osram Sylvania, who supplied the materials and lighting for this project. 

This was Robert's 64th mural of "100" to heighten the urgency of conservation of the Ocean to the public.