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Surge Suppression is your first line of defense. Without it, it is a gamble how it impacts you.

Welding equipment and electrical heaters ie: space heaters are dead shorts. 

The dead short in a space heater creates heat that warms an area inside your home or office.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Dead short of a welder causes the arc or spark that melts steel together (also known as welding). This creates a tremendous surge and taxes your electrical grid more than most people know.                         

Imagine someone using an arc welder on the same grid that your computer is on.  

It doesn't matter if a welder is 10 feet or 100 feet away if it's on your grid. The constant arcing on and off creates surges that your sensitive electronic equipment has to absorb in order to continue operating properly. There's only so much absorption that your electronics can handle before they get fried. 

When computers get fried or go down, the most important thing then becomes, getting it back up and running and or recovering lost data.

Say a neighbor uses a welder for a hobby or makes things to sale to offset their mortgage. Your computer goes down. Then you trace it back to your friendly neighbor's welder who can legally weld in his own garage. 

Will they pay for your damages caused by their welder surging your electrical system?

Will your insurance company cover the damages without any deductible? 

Will you be compensated for your time and headaches getting your equipment back online?

Most likely not!

While welding and these and other types of usages are innocent in nature,  what the users may not realize is that the damages that can been inflicted upon your electronics, if not more damages to their own electronics.

Protect yourself from catastrophes before they happen.  

Whole House Surge Suppression is your first line of defense against these types of catastrophic events.

What is a Surge?

In an ideal world, the voltage in your home or office would remain at a safe, constant and stable voltage within the specifications of the electrical equipment and appliances located therein.

However, voltage coming into your electrical systems is very unstable and fluctuates up and down to varying degrees based on internal and external forces of "DEMAND".

INTERNAL DEMAND: comes from inside your home. DEMAND comes when equipment such as  a welder, spa, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, electric stove or oven, dryers, heating systems, sewer grinder pumps, attic fans, space heaters, and more.

When those units cycle on, they create a DEMAND and will pull down the voltage in your electrical system until that unit is fully up and running. Then the voltages spikes up before settling back to its normal level.

EXTERNAL DEMAND: comes from all your neighbors equipment and their neighbors equipment, street lighting, city pumping stations, businesses, manufacturing, neighbors using welding, woodworking, kiln's, welders and other hobby related electrical items.

Since most of these will all be on the same grid in your area. They can all pull your voltage down.  

Remember what goes down must come up.

As your voltage gets pulled down on equipment start up, at some point you and your neighbors equipment will cycle off. When that happens the voltage slaps back into your system at a higher voltage. That voltage is a spike or a SURGE and comes back in higher before settling back down to its normal level.

Unfortunately, that's just from one neighbor.

With EXTERNAL DEMANDS you can have hundreds of other folks on your same grid surging and spiking your electronic equipment 24/7.

We've had trash and dump trucks trucks take out power lines. When that happens they short circuit the grid, but before their kick out fuses can react, surge spikes are already in your home.

We had cars crash into power poles causing lots of damages to our clients premises who were many blocks away from the accident.

Surge suppression is like an antioxidant for your electrical system. The more suppression that you have the better off you are.

Some folks only want suppression on an item or two in their home or office. But that would be like having an air bag only on the driver instead of all the cars occupants.

***Your electrical system is bombarded with tons of  spikes on a daily basis.***

Those spikes act like cancer to all your electrical devices and equipment.

Always wearing down the integrity of your electronics and devices until they ultimately fail.

At that point, if it's your refrigerator that fails, you get to take off work, clear out the refrigerator, go find a new one, have it delivered then pay someone to haul off the old one. 

Electrical Equipment made today should last much longer than it does.  But, it seems to fail  just outside of the warranty period.

It's easy to see how proper protection can extend the life of our expensive electronics as well as save your valuable time down the road.

We can add a high quality Whole House Surge Suppressor in addition to individual location suppression to help stop the surge assaults that are being waged on your home or business TODAY!

We can add a high quality Whole House Surge Suppressor to help stop the surge assault that is being waged on your home or business TODAY!